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General overviews of music psychology research

Music acoustics


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Resources relating to music and the environment

Music psychology organisations

ESCOM - ESCOM is an international non-profit society to promote theoretical, experimental and applied research in the cognitive sciences of music.


SMPC - a scholarly organization dedicated to the study of music cognition.


ICMPC - The International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition (ICMPC) is an interdisciplinary conference devoted to the dissemination of new, unpublished research relating to the field of music perception and cognition.


NEMuR - the Northern Network for Empirical Music Research (NEMuR).  NEMuR is a group of researchers in the North of England who are engaged in empirical research that is on, with, or for music and musicians.

SEMPRE The Society for Education, Music and Psychology Research, which embraces research in both music education and music psychology.

Music organisations

Other useful resources:

Music and psychology researchers sharing their work on social media

For tips for those beginning a PhD click here.

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